Returning to California

Interesting times. We’ve had to withdraw from the race and are heading back to California. The problem started with us taking on water: 5 gph from some unknown place. Not sinking but not good. We checked all the through-hulls but they were fine. It looked like some water might be coming through the sinks because we were so heeled over, so we closed those through-hulls, but the water kept coming in. Eventually we found it spurting in from the front of the V-berth up near the deck. Looking in the chain locker, it was full of water: the drain had been plugged by a stray rag. Completely full of water. Probably 2000 lbs of water. So full of water that it was coming back into the boat around the anchor windlass power wires, hence the water coming in at the front of the V-berth and then draining into the bilges.

We emptied the water from the chain locker BUT the air vents for the freshwater tanks are in the chain locker and so the salt water back-fed into at least one of fresh water tanks. That water is now undrinkable, and the other tank is questionable, so we definitely don’t have enough water to get to Hawaii. So we turned around. Safe but disappointed.

I’m getting blue water sailing experience. Fun is being had.