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So Ends An Interesting Adventure

While our Pacific Cup race did not end as I’d hoped it would with us crossing the finish line into Hawaii with a flying spinnaker after a week of fantastic downwind surfing in the tropics, to me it always about the experience rather than the result. And the experience was great. That fantastic start out under the Golden Gate Bridge, sailing through a pod of whales, struggling with the #1 on the foredeck while getting continually doused by breaking waves, sailing along under the moon so bright that no lights were needed — and then, early in the morning, sailing under the Milky Way and even then we didn’t need any lights: there was enough star light and enough absolute darkness that we could see just fine.

2016 Pacific Cup

Life is good.

Pacific Cup

I’m headed off to Kaneohe, Hawaii as crew on a J/42 named Velocity doing the Pacific Cup race. Here’s a picture of us sailing on the Columbia River.


We should have a great time and, satphone willing, I’ll post a few pictures along the way.